Insurance Protection for Equestrian Coaches

Even if you coach only one or two hours a week, the importance of proper insurance coverage and risk management practices cannot be overlooked.

Coaching, at any level or discipline, carries risks. When providing this service, you can be found liable for bodily injury or property damage to a student or other third party, even if you have tried to take all necessary precautions. To protect yourself and your assets, it is essential to carry Commercial General Liability insurance that is specifically designed for equestrian sport.

  • Some key features to look for in a well-designed coaching liability policy:
  • Coverage for all locations and venues where you will coach, including horse shows.
  • Injury to participants included.
  • Tenants’ Legal Liability coverage with sufficient limit for premises you occupy.
  • Stableman’s liability that covers your care, custody and control of other people’s horses.

Some coach policies include other useful coverages, such as tack, crime, or accidental death and dismemberment. When comparing, be an educated consumer, and speak with a broker who is well versed in the horse industry and can help you understand what protection is necessary for your situation.

In addition to getting the right insurance coverage, there are some practices you can adopt as a coach that will help minimize your exposure to risk. Consult a lawyer when drafting a waiver to adequately cover the scope of your activities, and require all clients to sign it. Post your barn and arena safety rules to help to keep your clients safe and informed. Ensure that your students are properly equipped with riding boots, long pants and helmets to minimize their risk of injury.

Protect yourself today! Contact BFL CANADA and get a quote on the Coach Liability product that is right for you.

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