In the December issue of Equestrian Ontario Magazine we worked with Teen Ranch. Located in Caledon Ontario, teen ranch is a summer sports camp and a year round retreat facility. They offer programs ranging from BMX, soccer, figure skating, and Hockey. Most importantly though (for us anyways!) is the riding!

Working with horses is more than just a hobby. It’s an invaluable activity that builds character by teaching good work ethic, responsibility, respect, and determination. There are life lessons learned at the barn that nothing else can replace.

Work Ethic

At Teen Ranch, we strongly believe in the importance of working with young people to help build future leaders. Riding horses is fun! But it’s also hard work and teaches responsibility. Many aspects go into becoming a good horseman and having the responsibility of caring for a horse teaches skills that set kids up for success later in life.


Being at Teen Ranch in a camp environment also teaches social skills and respect for those around you. Sharing a room, working together in camp games and encouraging each other in a lesson situation will not only create memories that will last a lifetime, it will teach respect and social skills to help later in life. Respecting the horse is also essential. Although they have the size and power to hurt us, they accept the purpose God gave them to assist us in life and accept training from us. Having respect for these animals and the people around us is a life lesson that is so important to learn.


In today’s society, immediate gratification is a way of life. Fortunately, we can use horse riding to learn that building new skills and a relationship with your horse can sometimes take time and patience. Any rider knows that the first time you try something, it’s not always a success. But through hard work and determination, all things are possible!

Teen Ranch offers summer week-long residential and day camps in English & Western Horsemanship. Advanced riders can take advantage of our Intensive Equestrian Program for competitive level H/J riders or our Rodeo Camp to try something new and exciting.

We hope to see you this summer!

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