The Benefits of Slow Feeding Hay – Nibble Net Canada

“Horses are most content when they can nibble almost all the time.”

A horse’s relatively small stomach and digestive system are designed to be continuously eating; “grazing” small bites of grass between 18-20 hours a day. When feeding horses a few flakes of hay at a time in their stall, they will eat large mouthfuls at a time, and many are finished their “daily recommended intake” within only a couple of hours. I’m sure we all know a “hoover” that can consume this amount in just minutes!

Slow feeding is not just for the “hoovers” and those who get fat on air – it has a multitude of benefits for all horses, and is recommended by many veterinarians. A horse’s digestive system is designed to secrete stomach acid on a continuous basis, this means that when they are spending long hours between meals on an empty stomach, they are more susceptible to ulcers and other digestive issues. Slow feeding can help to eliminate these issues by ensuring the horse constantly has food in their stomach! Slow feeding can also help eliminate stall vices caused by boredom as the horse will spend more time eating and chewing their forage. Don’t forget the added benefit of time and money saved mucking stalls that no longer have hay trampled into the bedding!

Now, there are many “nibble net” knock offs on the market today. They rip, break, and certainly do not last. In fact you probably didn’t even know that you didn’t purchase the ORIGINAL NIBBLENET.

The Original NIBBLENET® is easy to fill and extremely safe and durable! The NIBBLENET® can also be used to soak hay as the bottom is woven with netting to allow water to drain. The back fabric is a 22 ounce heavy duty vinyl, made to be outside in the harsh Canadian elements. It has superior tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance. It has excellent UV and weather protection and is rated to -40 degrees. The heavy duty poly 1” webbing grid is commercially glued and stitched for the ultimate strength, openings are available in 1.25”/1.50”/2” sized squares depending on how aggressive of an eater your horse is, and how slowly you want them to eat!

There are two main sizes the NIBBLENET® is available in. We think The NIBBLENET® Standard is the perfect size, and it can hold 15-18 pounds of hay. Available in Black, Blue, Green, and Red! There are many other styles available, contact Professional Edge Equine today to find what you are looking for!

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